STREET? MARKET Poughkeepsie/Chaozhou

Katherine Nui & Caleb Mitchell, Street? Market

Final Project for Tobias Armborst’s Advanced Architectural Design Studio. Fall 2020.

As a residential college, dining decorum has always been part of the Vassar curriculum. Although the dining experience on campus has slightly evolved from the formal domesticity of the cottage models in the 19th century, the way people gather to eat on campus has remained fairly stable: within the context of a dining hall. However, in the fall semester of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the new conditions of social distancing fostered a long overdue informal outdoor dining culture.

In STREET? MARKET we propose a dense“urban”eating alternative by introducing a street market to the center of campus. Seeking the greatest amount of interaction and density, we propose that this new way of eating should be centered in the middle of the street. Our project draws directly from the Night-Market vendor model common in Taiwanese cities.